BMW has launched its own electric bike, the Cruise. Sporting a 250-watt electric motor, the bike can power you all the way up to 25km/h.

The motor is designed more to assist you while riding rather than to power you along all by itself. The bike has four different modes designed to change how the electric motor works. You can pick from Eco Tour, Sport or Speed/Turbo. 

An on-board computer is also included which shows information such as speed and charge level, so you can get an idea of how much juice the bike's battery has left.

From the look of it, the bike uses a conventional chainring, with a Bosch battery and motor built on to it. It is said to have an impressive 80km range from one charge. 

Sadly BMW is keeping the Cruise a limited-edition bike for the meantime, with only 1,000 of them being produced and sold in Germany, although it might expand to further markets. UK pricing is yet to be announced, but a non electric-version of the Cruise is around €900 (£770).

The new BMW electric bike continues the company's emphasis on using electric power. The i3 and i8 concepts both use clever hybrid motors and in the bike's case pedal power and electricity are combined.

We will keep you posted on BMW's bike plans. It certainly looks like a nice ride, but without knowing the full parts list we can't know just how nice for sure.

Hunter Skipworth

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