iPhone docks and accessories can be seriously expensive. Thanks to Apple's switch to Lightning, iPhone 5 owners might find they can't use their pricey docks with their new handset.

Enter Sculpteo, which promises to 3D print a bespoke adapter for your dock so you can stick your iPhone 5 in without issue.

"Provided by the Sculpteo community, the leader in online 3D printing is now offering Apple fans a universal adaptor which transforms docks designed for previous generations of iPhones into real iPhone 5 docks, fully finished, functional and personalised."

So basically, your dock is saved and your iPhone 5 integrated properly. You can of course use Apple's own adapter, but it doesn't give decent handset support like the Sculpteo offering, nor does it sit quite as flush, which can affect the look of the more expensive iPhone docks.

“This is a brand new demonstration of the power of online 3D printing. The iPhone docks which haven’t been designed for the last iPhone find a new youth, thanks to a spare part which is made on demand in just three clicks and at a price which is affordable," said Clément Moreau, co-founder, Sculpteo.

"By making this part available on our website this marks the beginning of a new age in industrial manufacturing, where spare parts can be produced according to demand which ensures that objects will last.” 

The adapter costs €13.40 (£11.50) in white or €18 (15.50) in colour. It does also require a Thunderbolt adapter to work.

Hunter Skipworth

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