A sneak peek of the Battlefield 4 teaser trailer has been posted on Vine. It shows a few moments from the new trailer in the form of what looks like a tank rolling. The words "prepare for battle" flash briefly on screen before promising more on 27 March.

Little is known about what Battlefield 4 has in store for gamers. At the moment, all we know is those who picked up Medal of Honor: Warfighter will get a beta invite in the autumn.

EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen also described the game as looking stunning while running on PS4.

"It is just amazing what the imagination of the game developers are allowed to do with that much power."

Clearly then Battlefield 4 is going to be a big deal for the next generation of games consoles. We will have to wait until 27 March to see just how big a deal it is.

If you haven't yet played it, Battlefield 3 is a stunning game and still going strong right now. The latest piece of DLC, Aftermath, features new weapons, maps and vehicles. The game is powered by Frostbite 2, DICE's proprietary engine which allows for destructible environments and graphics that are still pretty much class leading. Expect Battlefield 4 to look just as good.

Hunter Skipworth

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