The Pebble Smartwatch has been given a Game and Watch style redesign thanks to its soon to be publicly available software development kit. Appearing in a video on the Pebble Kickstarter page, the Mario look is  part of a design showcase from the Pebble dev community.

Due for release in the second week of April, the Pebble SDK will let you design your own watch face for the Pebble smart watch. 

As well as the Mario coin-grabbing routine, there are a few other exciting watch faces demoed, showing just what Pebble could become if developers experiment with its software. The Casio-look retro design is a highlight, as is the Mario look. It counts time every minute, showing Mario jumping up and grabbing a coin. You can't control Mario, but it looks damn awesome.

One game you can play on the watch is Snake, which also appears in the Kickstarter video. It shows just how flexible the Smartwatch can be and makes it a much more exciting proposition than when we first saw it at CES in January.

For those interested in buying a Pebble, they are still fairly hard to come by. You can place a pre-order on but you might be waiting a while. Pebble has posted an updates page, which if you sign up, should let you know about availability.

Hunter Skipworth

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