Apple has launched a new version of its iMac computer, with a built-in VESA mount on the back. The idea is that the mount allows you to hang it on the wall, so you can have a floating Mac screen.

VESA mounts are typically reserved for LCD TVs and can attach even the heaviest of displays to a wall. The current-gen iMac is incredibly thin, peeling to a point around the rear giving the illusion it is as thin as a piece of paper. What this will look like on a wall we don't know, but we imagine it'll be awesome.

Prices for the standless iMac start at £1,135 for a 21.5-inch 2.7 GHz version. Alternatively you can dish out £1,735 for the top-of-theline 3.2 GHz 27-inch display, with 8GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX675MX. We imagine the latter could make quite a tasty computer/TV combo.

The standard iMac remains the same, and is a touch cheaper at £1.099 for the base model. It's a slick piece of kit that went down extremely well in our review.

If you are after a VESA mount version, you can pick one up on the Apple store now

Hunter Skipworth

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