Samsung has been quite keen to push the Times Square factor of its Galaxy S4 launch, sending out pics of the gigantic and presumably extremely expensive adverts with which it has adorned the square.

Now LG has seen fit to engage in a game of "my ad's bigger than your ad", planting an even bigger advert for its Optimus G handset directly above Samsung's.

The best bit? The advert reads: "LG Optimus G is here 4 U now" - essentially mocking Samsung's current obsession with the number 4 and its "Be ready 4 the next Galaxy" teaser campaign.

We like a bit of competitive advertising, especially when the underdog has a go. LG has a good point, as its Optimus G is already out and we imagine will likely match the SGS 4 for specs.

Unlike in the UK, in the US comparative advertising is encouraged, so it isn't uncommon to get adverts bluntly claiming one product to be better than another. LG has clearly embraced this for its Times Square advert.

We can't even begin to imagine how expensive its bigger and brighter ad must have been, but it's worked. The light is shining on LG on Samsung's own launch day. 

For those waiting 4 the next Galaxy (see what we did there), Pocket-lint is in New York as we speak and will be bringing you all the details you need on the SGS 4 the moment they are announced.

Hunter Skipworth

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