Trivia doesn't matter, does it?

It's not the important stuff you need to know, or remember, is it?

So, why does your brain retain it?

Most of us spend our lives collecting random facts and astonishing stats that only every now and again somehow become relevant during a conversation.

Birthdays, anniversaries, deadlines - they can all go by the wayside in our ever more hectic lives, but the fact that a London taxi has a turning circle equivalent to a horse and carriage (it had to when it was first designed or it wouldn't have been approved) somehow goes in and stays there.

All in the rich pattern of life, eh?

But, maybe it is important, because without it, our conversations would be just a little bit duller.

So if you think you need to top up your trivia memory bank, can we suggest, a brilliant source of petty things that are worth the sweat.

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