Wow. What a way to grab some attention and drive traffic to your site (and yes, we know we're now guilty of falling for it too...)

But babies' heads made of chocolate? Really?

Yep. You read that right.

They're babies' heads.


That you eat.

Made from delicious (no, definitely not tasteless) inch-thick chocolate, these grotesque hand-painted treats are made in honour of a new horror film. Apparently.

So that's Okay then. Right?

No, we're not too sure either, but one thing can be said for it  doesn't shy away from culinary challenges.

Aside from the confectionary cradle-snatching, they also do things like car-shaped cakes and cakes based on 18th-century anatomical wax models. And the wicked things they can do with chocolate mean we've thought about labelling this NSFW (not suitable for WeightWatchers).

This is something that will only really appeal to people with a dark sense of humour, a sweet tooth and a strong stomach, but you cannot deny the skills on display here.

Shock factor put to one side, this is contemporary catering of the highest order. 

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