Food blogs are as common as fast food takeaways, and, as a general rule, they’re about as appetising.

So when a good one comes along, just like a decent takeaway, it’s worth sharing. is just such a blog. It’s very personal, but written with style, consistency and a very comforting sense of the reality that most people face when it comes to feeding their bellies.

The recipes are decadent, but on a budget that most will recognise, and as the blog has expanded it’s started to take in reviews of hotels, restaurants, kitchen equipment and all sorts of other things related to the culinary arts.

What we really like is the ingredient list that shows what recipes it has featuring all those exotic spur-of-the-moment purchases that so many of us have lurking at the back of the cupboard.

We do note, with a slight sigh, that the author is taking a break, but that gives everybody a chance to catch up with all the great content here before it gets going again next month.

So tuck in – this is delicious.

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