BlackBerry clearly hasn't forgotten about the elders of its current handset line up, despite all the excitement around the Z10. The company has brought BBM 7 and BBM voice to phones running BlackBerry 5, a fairly old operating system.

The BBM 7.0.1 software lets you chat over Wi-Fi on your phone, Skype style, so you can talk BlackBerry to BlackBerry without using any of your free minutes. The more recent version of BBM, included with the Z10 can also do video calling.

BBM 7 launched on BlackBerry 6 phones in December last year and since then more than 50 million voice calls have been made. 

“Our customers around the world have embraced BBM version 7, which has brought BBM to a whole new level, further strengthening the experience of reliable, fast, real-time engagement," said T.A. McCann, BlackBerry's vice-president of BBM and social communities.

"By bringing BBM version 7 with BBM Voice to customers running BlackBerry 5 OS smartphones, we really broaden the base of people who can connect with each other, especially in many of our emerging markets where BBM is the leading player.”

For those with BlackBerry handsets from 2010, you should find your BBM getting an upgrade any moment now, if not already. 

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