There is never a good time to be out of work. But right now, it must be absolutely soul-destroying to be looking for a job.

Every news report fills your head with doom and gloom and the outlook is pretty bleak for most people.

So finding yourself unemployed is daunting.

But there are things that will make looking for a job a bit easier and we reckon is one of the best.

It’s about as simple a search as you can get: you just tell it what you want to do and where, then it will show any and all jobs that fit your­­ criteria.

Obviously, you can go into more detail, and filter by salary and distance – you can even send in your CV - but if you just need a quick filter on what’s available  in your area, it beats trawling through the classifieds or scouring shop windows.

It won’t make actually getting a job any easier – that’s all down to you - but at least this will help you find the right vacancies.

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