If you could ask an abstract concept a few questions, what would you ask?

Would you ask Space how big it really is? It would settle more than a few arguments, wouldn’t it?

Would you ask Time why it always goes faster at weekends, slower when you’re at your in-laws or why it stops altogether when the X Factor is on?

Would you ask Innovation why all those people in marketing keep talking about it, without every actually explaining what the hell they mean?

And what about Happiness? They’ve written songs about that sucker, haven’t they? Happiness is bound to have a bit of explaining to do in most people’s eyes.

Then we come to Evolution. Less of an abstract, certainly, but it’s still got a few things to answer to, hasn’t it?

Thanks goodness then, that wtfevolution.tumblr.com is posing those question a fairly regular basis. And Evolution is answering too. With a bit of attitude if we’re not mistaken…

This is an entertaining, if slightly potty-mouthed, way to ease into a new week.


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