It probably tells you everything you need to know about our merry little band that we have spent way too much time playing with

The standing challenge across the team is to find something that can’t be vastly improved by being given the treatment.

We’ve tried NHS policies, political speeches, legal terms and conditions, the undoubted wisdom of Justin Bieber's tweets. We’ve even tried some of our favourite song lyrics and film quotes.

Once anything is given a rinse through the Gizoogle servers, it’s brought bang up to spoof gangsta speak date. It ain’t nuthin but straight-up straight-up good, d'ya get me?

Try typing in your Twitter handle to see what happens to your followers and feed. Or give your Facebook friends a whole new perspective.

This is once of the best timewasters we’ve seen in years and we reckon you should enjoy it while you can.

The giant corporation it’s borrowing an ID from might have something to say about it soon. Especially with all the slightly naughty words it tends to generate (you have been warned).

But we hope not. That would be a cryin' shame, fo’ shizzle.

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