For most people, the occasions when you’re going to need a random number are few and far between. But, on those rare occasions, where would you go?

Apparently, a random number, or a random anything for that matter, is actually quite difficult to generate. But at they use atmospheric noise to generate true randomness, or at least as close as you can get to it.

Why would you need it?

Take a look at the various tools here and you’ll soon see there’s quite a market for randomness, especially in the software development world.

But you night just be running a prize draw, or looking for a new numeric passcode for something. Here you can generate whatever you need. From dates, to times, to geographic co-ordinates, if you want something without any human influence, this is where to come.

A few clicks of your mouse and you’ll be wallowing in the surprisingly necessary world of true randomness.

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