Today’s recommendation comes to you courtesy of kismet, karma, an alignment of the planets, or just old -fashioned good luck.

I was stuck on a slow moving train and heard the tell-tale “bing bong” of an announcement, so took out my headphones.

I listened to the unhelpful mutterings of the train's conductor and was about to go back to my music when I overheard something.

It was the tail end of a conversation about a subject very close to my heart.


Two fellow commuters had clearly been swapping tips on cooking the perfect spicy meal and the closing gambit was

I made a note and here I am passing on the good word.

If you want simple-to-prepare, authentic and absolutely delicious Pakistani food, this is about the best site we’ve come across.

Easy to follow video recipes, most of which use fewer than 10 ingredients, and all of them guaranteed to make even the most diehard curry fan think twice about a takeaway.


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