Unless you’re an eccentric millionaire, a trust fund brat or a Premiership footballer, it’s fair to say you might be feeling the pinch a little these days.

The cost of absolutely everything is going up, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for these times of “austerity”.

So it’s no wonder that charities are a bit worried.

In many households, the first thing to hit the wall is the money they give to good causes.

So a way to keep supporting your favourite charities without feeling like you’re taking food out of your own mouth is always going to prove popular.

And so we have easyfundraising.org.uk, where all you need to do is keep doing something that you probably normally do anyway – online shopping.

Here, for every pound you spend, the online retailers give a bit to good causes, and judging by the running total, this is one way of supporting charities that’s starting to gain some real momentum.

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