Netflix will have the UK exclusive rights to stream The Hunger Games from its 3 March launch. Unusually for Netflix, the movie will hit the US version of the service later.

Netflix has topped Lovefilm this month in the never-ending content battle in which the two are engaged with its Hunger Games exclusive. 

For those yet to see the movie, it is based around a book written by Suzanne Collins and stars Jennifer Lawrence, who last weekend won the best actress Oscar for Silver Linings Playbook.

Those with Netflix subscriptions in the UK should be able to stream the movie from 3 March. It is, of course, also available on other television services, Sky for example currently has the movie on its Box Office service, but it's unavailable to stream over Now TV.

Netflix also has set the bar of late with its brilliant House Of Cards series. Starring Kevin Spacey, the political drama is a Netflix-produced, streaming-only exclusive and launched with every episode of the first season available to watch from day one.

Then of course there is Arrested Development, which has been promised to return for one final series on Netflix. 

The ball is most definitely in Lovefilm's court. The Amazon-owned streaming subscription service has been overshadowed of late by Netflix's continued content push.

Hunter Skipworth

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