We touched on this a while ago when we mentioned Camera Kids, but a subject as bewildering and baffling as raising children probably deserves the attention.

Being a parent has never been easy, but in this connected world, it’s truly terrifying when you see a toddler swiping and tapping their way through the latest operating system and find exactly what they want in seconds.

All those questions about how you’re going to keep them safe, how you’re going to make sure they don’t get ripped off, humiliated or worse. How are you going to use technology to help their education? Should you give them a mobile phone when they start school, or before? It all comes rushing at you and it can be quite a daunting prospect.

So for those of us with little ’uns, it’s now nice to know that we can turn to, a new social space that puts parents in touch with each other and with experts, who can answer all those tricky tech questions and more besides.

There are apps, ebooks, games and advice on everything from sensible toys to the right films to put your kids in front of.

This is truly modern parenting made a little bit easier.

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