It’s the time of year that many people start to think about their summer holiday. It’s good to think about it now. It’ll make the next few months easier to deal with. Gives you something to look forward to.

You work hard, right? You deserve a break.

And, if we know our readers, we reckon you’ll do a bit of research before you spend your cash. Get the best prices, check the reviews, that kind of thing.

Unlike the people at tripadvisaargh.tumblr.

Things didn’t work out too well for this lot.

A brilliant collection of holiday mishaps, misadventures and mayhem, this will make any rainy weekend in Bognor you experienced as a child seem like a fortnight in the Caribbean.

As with any Tumblr, we can’t testify to the veracity of any of these entries, but they're tickling us nonetheless.

It’s certainly given us a few ideas for where not to go this year too.

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