Google has updated the spell check in Chrome to help the less grammatically savvy among us. 

The current Chrome Beta release updates the dictionary in Chrome's default spell checker as well as adding support for languages in Korean, Tamil and Albanian. Alongside this, Chrome will now sync your custom dictionary across devices, so you get access to all your custom words on desktop as well as smartphone and tablet.

The real clever thing is the way in which Google has incorporated the "ask Google for suggestions" function into conventional search. It now works in a similar way to Google Search and supports grammar, homonyms - words that look or sound the same but have different meanings - and context-sensitive spell checking in English.

Google Docs also benefits from the new spell-checking engine, which has been updated to support proper nouns.

"The new spell-checking engine - which is also available in Google Docs - even understands proper nouns like 'Justin Bieber' and 'Skrillex', so if you're wondering how many Ns there are in Dananananaykroyd, worry no more (there are four)," says Google in a blog post.

Windows, Linux and Chrome OS users will all be getting the enhancements "in the coming weeks".

If you want to give the Chrome Beta a try you can download it over at the Chrome website.

Hunter Skipworth

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