Smartphones running Tizen OS 2.0 could be arriving by the end of this year on Orange. The mobile network has put its weight behind the Samsung-backed operating system which could provide a decent alternative to the likes of Android.

For those who don't know, Tizen OS is an open source system designed for smartphones, tablets and in -car entertainment systems. The aim of the OS is to be as compatible as possible, working with systems like Firefox OS and multiple web browsers. 

Intel and Samsung are both backing its development in an attempt to create an alternative to Android's current dominance. Being so open, Tizen OS is much easier for carriers to implement their own functionality, hence perhaps Orange's backing.

Orange hopes to decorate Tizen handsets in its company colours, just as it did with the San Diego, as well as to bring in plenty of its own UI tweaks.

Japan's NTT Docomo is promising to be the first carrier to ship the smartphones, and there is also rumour that Samsung will be selling Tizen OS handsets as early as July. The first Tizen phones on Orange should be arriving in France in September this year. 

This could mean that Tizen OS manages to pip the likes of Firefox and Ubuntu to the post. Given Samsung's backing, it is likely. Huawei has also jumped in on the Tizen brigade, so could very well also be launching phones this year.

Hunter Skipworth

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