Sony is about to detail what it has in store for the next generation of PlayStation, and Pocket-lint is at the global launch in New York, ready to bring you all the latest news as it happens.

Will Sony announce the PlayStation 4 (PS4)? Will it merely tease with some light details and a few on-stage demos? Or will we get the full, hands-on treatment with plenty of details to fuel our excitement until it's in the shops?

You can watch all the action as it unfolds on Pocket-lint via the live PlayStation 4 stream we've set up here, or stay tuned to the homepage to see all the latest as we publish the news.  

Over the next few hours, the facts will be revealed and we'll bring you all the details on the hardware, new features and our first impressions of the device in the flesh.

If you can't wait that long, check out our PS4: Everything you need to know so far feature for all the latest gossip. 

We will keep you posted.