Pictures of the new LG Optimus F7 and Optimus F5 have been leaked. LG's MWC teaser last night left us wondering what exactly the new F-line handsets could be - it looks like we now know.

LG is planning on announcing four new handsets at MWC, two of which, by the looks of it, will be the F7 and F5.

Posted on Twitter by EV Leaks, the pictures show the slightly larger F7 with a physical home key and the F5, which has a smaller screen, without a physical button. 

We can't be sure, but it appears as if they are both surrounded with some sort of metallic band. The F5 features a duller-coloured metal, although this could just as easily be plastic.

LG has already unveiled the G Pro handset this month as well as the Optimus L. In its MWC teaser video, the company flies the letters L, G, V and F across the screen. It seems all those letters are now accounted for.

We don't have any specifications yet for the F-line handsets, but will be at MWC to grab a hands-on with the phones the moment we see them. LG has also been teasing NFC tags in the run-up to MWC, so expect this to play a role in the way the F7 and F5 work.

LG's press event will be on 25 February at 8am, so expect more news then.

Hunter Skipworth

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