Asus is trailing the launch of another Padfone at Mobile World Congress 2013, with a teaser video released on Wednesday.

You have to hand it to tech companies recently, as teaser videos are providing plenty of entertainment. The video depicts a metallic spacecraft landing, or docking, on the iconic Sagrada Família, the incomplete masterpiece of Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, looking rather like a scene from an alien invasion movie.

The shaky cam and script had us chuckling, but we were left none the wiser about what Asus is actually going to launch - or should we say land - at Mobile World Congress.

The implication of docking (not with church) leads us to think of the Padfone 2, announced in October 2012, is confirmed by the website that the video teases.

The website features a countdown clock to the Asus press event at MWC, but the giveaway is in the words: "Join us on February 25, when Pad and Phone come together."

There has been the suggestion of a Windows-based device on the Padfone concept, which might be what this refers to, or it could simply be an extension of the Android line of devices, which so far have been a little slow to make it to market.

Whatever it is, Pocket-lint will be at Mobile World Congress 2013 to bring you all the details, with Asus expected to make announcements on Monday 25 February.