If you’re serious about your sport, you’re probably quite wary about what you wear while you’re doing it.

Looking the part is often a very big part of the appeal of stepping out to exert yourself a couple of times a week, and many people swear that their performance improves the more confident they feel.

So, where do you go to find the latest trends in sportswear?

Yes, you could try your local retail park to see what that soulless aircraft hangar of a sports shop has in stock, or you could try something a little more discerning (and less likely to be full of people who couldn’t run a bath, let a alone a few hundred yards).

So, something like s-weat.com then.

Here you get a proper online style magazine devoted to the finest sportswear.

It’s beautifully shot, expertly researched and a very refreshing way to find out what to wear on the field.

And it’s brand new too.

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