In one of the creepiest Kinect mods we have seen, Japanese clothing retailer United Arrows has developed a mannequin that will mimic your movements.

The idea is, you walk past the shop window in central Tokyo and the mannequin will follow anything you do, catching your eye and, in turn, copying you taking a look at the clothes it is wearing or walking into the store.

The robots can copy exact movements, even walk about, move hands and feet and jump. Called the Marionettebot, it works just like a puppet, with 16 wires attached to various points in its body so it can move about.

The Kinect element of things is where the motion tracking is covered. As we all know, Microsoft's Kinect is capable of doing some incredible things, on top of gaming. One of our favourites has to be the Kinect controlled dustbin, which moves the bin around to catch trash thrown at it, Back To the Future II style. 

Hunter Skipworth

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