How was your weekend? Restful? Relaxing? Did you manage to switch off?

Or, did you have any little jobs or chores to do?

If you did, we hope you had more success than the numpties whose efforts are on display at

Here we see a collection of quite staggering accomplishments of jobsworths, bureaucrats and the just plain stupid as they prove that even the most basic, common sense tasks can proved beyond some people.

Our favourites are the breaking news U-turn from CNN and any one of the billboard installations that haven’t quite gone to plan. And the misplaced supermarket products really do take your breath away.

They had just one thing they needed to do, and they couldn’t even manage that.

Quite how these people get through a day without doing themselves some serious harm is hard to believe.

The perfect nonsense to ease your way into the new week.

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