In one of the greatest Star Wars geek moves ever, a fan has recreated the entire Hoth battle sequence from the Empire Strikes Back in his living room.

The incredibly detailed diorama features everything, from the AT-AT getting taken down by the Snowspeeder, to the trenches full of Rebel troops firing at them. The explosions are especially impressive, being hand-painted and looking very realistic.

The snow is also realistic and we imagine a nightmare to clear up, if he ever decides to rid his living room of this awesome scene. We aren't quite sure how on earth he created the look of the blasters being fired by the Snowspeeders, but it is amazingly authentic (not that Star Wars is real).

The designer calls himself Zipidi Doodah on Facebook and has posted a rather dry and witty video on YouTube about how he put the thing together. 

Even Industrial Light and Magic, the guys behind the original special effects in Star Wars, have  started sharing out details on the diorama.

It isn't the first attempt by a Star Wars fan to create something Hoth themed and of, course, there's the 60,000-brick Lego Hoth diorama.

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