Lego is expanding on its Jabba the Hutt Jabba's Palace set launched in 2012 with two new sets for 2013.

The first, the Rancor Pit, has just been launched in the US and offers kids the chance to recreate the famous opening scene from Return of the Jedi when Luke faces the Rancor monster under Jabba's Palace.

Eagle-eyed fans of the 2012 Lego set will note that the new Rancor Pit set fits perfectly under the 2012 diorama, allowing you to chuck Gamorrean Guards into the pit via the concealed trap door from last year's set.

The 380-piece set comes with a Gamorrean Guard, the Rancor, a skeleton, and Luke Skywalker in his black Jedi garb.

Coming later this year, Lego has also confirmed that fans will be able to build Jabba's Sail Barge.

Although the Sail Barge has been available previously, the new set is bigger and better, and also includes three new Star Wars characters not previously available.

The new characters are Princess Leia in slave costume, Max Rebo and Ree-Yees - yes Max Rebo is very cool and very blue.

Other minifig characters include Weequay, R2-D2 complete with drinks tray and, of course, Jabba the Hutt.

The 860-piece set is expected to be in shops in August.

Other Star Wars Lego sets due for 2013 include a new Drone robot people-carrier ship with combat dressed Padmé Amidala and the Jek-14 Stealth Starfighter from the upcoming Yoda Chronicles TV series. - learn about it / talk about it / deal with it At parents can find all the advice they will need to keep their children safe online. Designed specifically for parents, the site offers a wealth of up-to-date, unbiased information and advice about how to deal with online safety. Parents can learn about the latest issues and technologies, get great tips on how to talk about online safety with their children and get the best advice on dealing with issues and taking action. Created with experts, Internet Matters provides detailed information, but also signposts to best-in-class resources from individual expert organisations. Our goal is to ensure parents can always access the information that they need, in a format that is clear and concise.