Screens from an as yet unannounced smart watch from Samsung, called the Altius, have appeared. The pictures show a large time display as well as a music and mail app.

There is also a reception icon in the top left, indicating that the watch will come with some form of a data connection. The Galaxy Altius, would be taking on the long-rumoured Apple iWatch and, given Samsung's current competition with Apple, could likely be a reality.

There isn't much else known about the Altius short of the screens. The design itself, for example, is yet to appear. The screens do walk hand in hand with rumours of the Galaxy S IV, so could this possibly be an accessory?

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There is a whiff of Android to the watch and we all know how big a fan Samsung is of Google's OS. However it is entirely possible that something has been custom built from the ground up for the smart watch. The software in the screens is called the AltiusOS beta2, so a custom build is likely.

Looking at the screens, there is also a slider featured, which means the watch will also probably have a touchscreen.

So then, 2013 is going to be the year of the smart watch and the ball is in Apple and Samsung's court. All we need next is a pic of the things.

Hunter Skipworth

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