MWC is just around the corner and the handset rumours are now in full flow. Latest to leak is this new mystery Lumia, which could be a sequel to the Lumia 920.

The device made an appearance in an advert for Dutch mobile network KPN Mobiel. It looks not unlike a Nokia Lumia 822, which is available in the US on Verizon. However the design is markedly different enough to make us think it is a different phone.

The strange thing is that the advert is for the Nokia Lumia 920, which appears in yellow later in the commercial. Could it be some bad CGI? Or perhaps a dummy 920 that is poorly made? It might be either, but fingers crossed it's something different and a new phone altogether.

Nokia is holding a press event at MWC this year on 25 February. This phone might be making an apperance. Who knows, it might even have some proper PureView tech thrown in for good measure.

Hunter Skipworth

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