Ahead of Sony's 20 February event to highlight the future of the PlayStation platform, a purported photograph has been leaked to the web of the rumoured touchscreen controller for the PS4. 

According to a report this month from Edge, the next-generation PlayStation console codenamed Orbis will feature a same-sized controller as the PlayStation 3's infamous DualShock controller, with a small touchpad in the middle. The photograph leaked by Destructoid, seen above, seems to show just that. 

The blue light at the top of the controller indicates something similar to Sony's PlayStation Move controllers. We're not exactly sure if the light is for show, or if it will actually indicate something. 

The touchpad on the PS4's controller is to replace the Select, Start, and PS Buttons found in past generations of the PlayStation console. A new Share button will also be featured on the touchscreen that will allow screenshots and video to be shared, according to Edge's report this month. The PlayStation 4 will be able to record 15 minutes at a time of the screen. 

As for the PlayStation 4 itself, no one really knows what kind of power it will include. We've heard an uber-powerful 3.2GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 320GB harddrive may be slated for announcement. 

Lastly, Kotaku adds to Destructoid's image, saying it has confirmed with sources that the image is real, but is a prototype and may not be the final build Sony chooses to show off later this month. 

Whatever Sony plans to unveil on 20 February, Pocket-lint will be providing full coverage.