Google Maps with Street View has now gone live on the Wii U. The app had previously been a Japan-only offering, but has now launched in North America and the UK.

Nintendo announced the app launch on its Nintendo Direct videocast, but only went into North American specifics.

The reason we know it runs in the UK is because we just downloaded it, so if you want to check if it runs on your Wii U and you are outside the US and UK, just fire up the eShop. If it is there, why not let us know in the comments.

The app uses static Street View imagery and lets you tilt and move the Wii U controller, augmented reality style, around the screen. But it's a bit of a way off from the 360-degree panorama videos that Nintendo demoed at E3. There was no word on when these would be arriving.

The impressive part of the app is just how fluid it runs. The motion control matches up really nicely with how much you move the Wii U controller about. Definitely one of the more fun ways to browse Street View.

Hunter Skipworth

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