O2 Tracks is a new subscription service designed to bring the Top 40 chart to your phone. It works by syncing songs with your handset overnight, so you have the fresh weekly chart update to listen to whenever you want.

It is powered by MusicQubed and offers more than just the Top 40 chart. There's also an app cast from the Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills, plus celebrity gossip.The app is available to download on iOS and Android and is also planned for BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

If you are an O2 customer you will benefit from a two-month free trial. After that customers can opt to add a £1 per week charge to their monthly bill for the service. Non-O2 customers will have to pay £4.99 a month.

That £1 a week also gets you a curated set of playlists from MusicQubed. Songs are synced over Wi-Fi and stored locally, so you can listen to them when away from Wi-Fi or data reception.

While not being a huge Spotify competitor, we can see the £1 a month being very appealing to chart music fans on O2. Either way, O2 fans can give it a spin for free, so why not? It is available to download now

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