While quoting some fresh Drake lyrics, BlackBerry's new creative director Alicia Keys made the mistake of tweeting from her iPhone.

Keys had been tweeting from her BlackBerry Z10 since launch before making the awkward mix-up - perhaps hinting what her personal phone of choice may be. 

Once a spokeswoman for the company, Keys stepped into the role of creative director at the launch of BlackBerry 10. Her role was described to use the newly released BlackBerry Z10 to document her experiences when on her global tour and consulting on future BlackBerry projects. 

Of course, there is the chance this could be a member of her PR staff who just really likes Drake, but at any rate BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins can't be too pleased. 

There were two iPhones lying on her dressing room table at the Grammys on Sunday.... look how the iPhone 4S is positioned, ready for use.

This isn't the first time celebrity endorsements have gone a bit awry. In November, Oprah tweeted her love for Microsoft's Surface RT from an iPad. 

Update Keys claims she was hacked and that wasn't her tweet. 

Do you find celebrity endorsements effective?