What are you up to at the weekend? Anything nice? Seeing some friends or family? Or going for a bracing winter walk in the countryside, maybe?

Well if that last one features in your plans, why don’t you grab your dinner while you’re at it?

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you grab a rifle and hunting knife to go all hunter-gatherer, but you could try a bit of foraging.

It’s becoming quite the culinary fashion to eat what you find, and eatweeds.co.uk is the best place to start if you don’t want to end up munching on something that really won’t do you any favours.

With handy guides, recipes and even guided courses available through here, you’ll be foraging successfully in no time.

And in these times of austerity and “what’s actually in my dinner?” food scandals, surely every penny not given to a supermarket can only be a good thing.

Horse for courses, mind you.

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