SCEE has rolled out a new-look YouTube app for the PlayStation 3. The app is much better suited to the PlayStation 3's controller and designed to make browsing YouTube on your console easier.

The new app isn't the only announcement today from YouTube, which is also now headed for Freesat. SCEE says the YouTube app is now live as a free download from the XMB.

You can now sign in to the application as well as control elements of it using your smartphone. Search has been given a revamp and now includes suggestions as well as instant video results while you type.

Official music videos and smartphone pairing are there. All you need do is find a video on your phone and then you can push it to your PS3. Video control can be done from the phone or you can keep on browsing YouTube on the handset's screen.

The app can playback 720p content, which is great for those planning on using their PS3 as a YouTube browser on big HD screens.

The PS3, like the Xbox, really is becoming an impressive media player now. Who knows what the PS4 will have in store? Chances are YouTube will be making an appearance somewhere.

Hunter Skipworth

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