It’s fair to say that parenting these days has been made much easier by technology.

But that same technology also throws up some significant challenges. Keeping your kids safe online is a full-time job, and instilling in them the proper skills to get the most out of the latest gadgets and gizmos is something that a lot of parents don’t always find the time for, or don’t see as a priority.

So, how about letting the professionals do it for you?

At you can find out about photography workshops for youngsters run by one of the UK’s top photographers, working in tandem with professional educationalists and supported by Fujifilm (who know a thing or two about good pictures).

These courses will take the innate creativity in any young mind and channel it into a positive use of the latest digital photography gear, and judging by the online portfolio, the results would put most grown-ups to shame.

This is a great new idea and we reckon it’s got a solid future. 

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