Do you enjoy reading? Not stuff like this here nonsense, but proper reading? You know, like books?

If you said no, you wouldn’t be alone. It might be through choice. It might be through lack of time. Or, it could be because, like an estimated 12 million adults in the UK, you might not be very confident when it comes to reading.

There used to be a bit of stigma attached to it too, but thankfully, with organisations like doing their bit, those days are gone.

Here you can find out all about a charity that gets big-name authors to write shorter books that are easy to read. This gives people a new starting point – one that doesn’t intimidate or confuse, and offers some great books from some of the biggest names in contemporary publishing.

It’s a great idea, and judging by the case studies, it’s really taking off.

We wish this campaign the very best of luck.

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