There is probably no bigger sartorial decision than that faced by spectacle wearers.

If you wear glasses, you have to get it right.

Thankfully, these days there are such things as designer frames, with all the top bods getting in on the act of sculpting beautiful specs for all tastes.

But that still doesn’t make it any easier. Just a bit more time-consuming as you try to filter out the unsuitables before you even stick them on your nose. Oh, and it makes for an expensive mistake if you get it wrong too.

But online help is at hand. At, you can us a style finder, which guides you towards frames that are likely to suit the shape of your face, your hair colour and skin tone.

Using this, you’re already half way to knowing what might suit you. Then all you have to do is find exactly the right pair from the selection on offer, all chosen by a team of style-conscious eyewear experts.

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