Vodafone has further bolstered its 4G-capable handset line up with the HTC One SV, adding to the already confirmed BlackBerry Z10, Galaxy S III and Sony Xperia Z.

The problem is, the 4G spectrum auction isn't even in full swing yet. Vodafone is betting big on gaining a slice of the spectrum to launch a 4G service. Three has done similar, promising a free of charge upgrade for current customers to 4G once it launches.

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There is no guarantee that Vodafone will get access to the 4G spectrum, although we think it is highly unlikely that it won't. It all depends on how the auction goes and which networks win parts of the 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz bands. 

It's going to be a complicated auction process, battled out between EE, Vodafone, Telefonica, Three, BT, MLL Telecom and PCCW. 

Depending on how things pan out, 4G handsets should be going on sale on all networks this summer, in theory at least. Vodafone has clearly already got big plans for 4G, so watch this space.

The HTC One SV proved impressive enough in our recent review. However, it is the top of the line Samsung and Sony handsets which have us really excited. Pocket-lint has already taken the Z10 for a spin on 4G and it certainly is quick.

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