BlackBerry has confirmed plans for more-affordable BlackBerry 10 handsets. Speaking to Pocket-lint, Rob Orr, managing director of UK and Ireland for BlackBerry, said cheaper BlackBerry 10 phones would be coming.

"Specifically we will have devices for all segments of the market," said Orr. When pushed on this position, e reiterated: "Over the course of time we will bring BlackBerry 10 to all the segments of the market, but it will take time."

BlackBerry has previously hinted at six handsets running the BlackBerry 10 operating system being released in 2013, so these cheaper devices could be coming this year. The BlackBerry Q10, a Qwerty keyboard phone running the new operating system, which we've already seen, is pegged for release in the UK in April.

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Currently, the BlackBerry Z10 is the only phone on sale that uses the new operating system. The handset retails for around £480 on pay-as-you-go, putting it in line with the likes of the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III.

At present the BlackBerry Curve 9320 is the manufacturer's best-selling phone in the UK, retailing for around £130 and perhaps indicating the need for BlackBerry devices in this lower segment to move the platform forward.

Orr also explained future plans for BlackBerry 7 devices in the UK. "We will continue selling BB7 devices for the very foreseeable future," he said. "BB7 is a proposition that continues to sell well in certain segments of the market. The customers who buy BB10 will be buying a different experience."

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