When we first saw this, one of the team described it as being “a bit like Nasa”, while another described it as “insane”.

Once you’ve given it a few moments to get going, you’ll see exactly what they both mean.

With tweetping.net you can see what Twitter’s up to. And we mean actually see what Twitter’s up to, all over the world.

As the page loads you’ll see everything that’s taking place on Twitter plotted on a map of the world, in real time.

The latest hashtags are listed (and it’s astonishing how quickly they refresh) and also the latest mentions and word counts.

And the number of tweets goes by in a blur. The interesting thing is that you can see where in the world is the busiest, obviously dictated by the time zones, but even in the dead of night, some places are ablaze with social activity.

We can’t attest to the accuracy of the information, but we love it nonetheless.

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