If you're into gaming, it's possibly the case that you're really into gaming.

You immerse yourself in each new title that takes your fancy. You study the packaging, you do your online research to find tips and tricks, you lock yourself away in a darkened room, ready to take on the new challenge. And, most importantly, you personalise your settings.

If that personalisation stretches to your desktop wallpapers, then you're in luck.

At video-game-wallpapers.com you can get just what you need for your Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet, without all that screengrabbing and tidying up in Photoshop.

All the biggest and latest titles are here in a range of the most-popular screen resolutions and best of all, they're free.

Simply choose your favourite title,  select the screen size or sizes you want and download them.

And they are simply stunning.

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