Nvidia's Project Shield, a portable gaming device from the graphics card manufacturer, has been demoed running Borderlands 2.

The device, which Nvidia unveiled at CES, combines a Tegra 4 mobile chip with a controller and a screen, to let you play not only Android games but also to stream titles from your PC to the controller.

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We were shown the controller running Need For Speed at CES, and Nvidia has now posted a video featuring Borderlands 2 in action.

Seeing an FPS like Borderlands 2 - which was running on a nearby PC with a top of the line Nvidia 680 card - on Project Shield gives you a great idea of what it can do. There is no reason why titles like Watch Dogs, when it is released, or even Crysis 3, could not run on Project Shield, provided it supports them.

Nvidia will be having weekly Project Shield PC Mondays, to show different games up and running on the device. 

It's is yet to confirm a release date for Project Shield, but it does remain right up there on our most-wanted list for gadgets in 2013. Don't forget the PS4 though

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