There are a couple of things that the very public activity on the HMV social media feeds have shown us in the past week.

The first is that social networking can be a very powerful force for grabbing attention, be it good or bad.

Brands that do it right spend a lot of time and money implementing their social media strategies, and there are a number of very useful tools to help them do this.

One such tool is Twocation, a clever little Twitter app that shows you where your followers are in the real world.

Valuable information if you're trying to use your social presence to target your consumers and advocates.

Say you're a design company based in Paris. You use Twocation and find out that the vast majority of your followers are based in the US. It would subsequently make sense to start listing your prices in dollars, right?

See? Valuable.

It's less so for individuals, but it is quite interesting to see where all those avatars actually live, if you're that way inclined. 

The other thing that HMV has taught us is that if you're about to lay a load of people off, maybe change your passwords?

Just a thought.

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