BT Infinity has been transformed into a truly unlimited package. The service no longer has any fair usage restrictions or traffic management.

BT Infinity had previously set limits on customers' use of the high-speed fibre optic service under restrictions in its small print. The change means you can now browse and download for as long as you want, always at the same speed - at least in theory.

Traffic shaping is commonplace among most broadband providers. Virgin Media, for example, applies it to the heaviest broadband users at peak times, in order to ensure that everyone gets a fair deal from their broadband package.

However, BT says it is  "confident" its network can stand up to the extra load the restriction-free browsing will bring. 

The prices of BT Infinity have also dropped. Unlimited BT Infinity 1 is £23 with up to a 38Mb download speed. Unlimited BT Infinity 2 is £26 with up to 76Mb of speed.

Hopefully, BT's move will force other broadband providers to do away with fair usage policies. Three's all-you-can-eat data approach has swayed to the network a lot of customers who are data intense with their smartphones.

You can find out more about BT's broadband packages at

Hunter Skipworth

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