Wish lists. We’re big fans.

You get to put a load of stuff you want on to a list and then, if you're lucky, your nearest and dearest buy it for you. Or, you just get it for yourself when the time is right. Either way, they’re a great idea.

When they work.

It’s taken some of us here a while to figure out the best approach, but we think we’ve got it nailed now.

Your list should be relatively short. There should enough choice, but not too much or people get bored. And there needs to be a good spread of price points. Simple.

But then the pricing can be a bit of a lottery, can’t it?

You put an item on your list when it’s in the sale and then the price shoots up a day later. Or, even worse, somebody buys you something and the price drops like a stone mere minutes after they’ve checked out.

If only there was something that could update you on price changes. Then you could pay only what you want to pay, or update your wish lists to reflect the changes.

Well, now there is stuffster.com, which does precisely that.

You make a list of all the stuff you want, set the prices you want to pay, and then as soon as those prices are available, you get notified.

It might not directly replace your wish list for birthdays and so on, but for the stuff you really want, this is the best way we’ve seen to make sure you get the right prices.

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