The Sony Xperia Z pre-orders are starting to go out and we thought it might be handy to give you a round-up of everywhere you can buy one, should you be considering it.

The Xperia Z is promising to be quite a phone, being the latest and greatest piece of kit from Sony, with a Full HD 1080p screen and a powerful 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon chip. Want one? Read on to find out how.

Three has the handset confirmed as going on sale on 28 February priced at £449 on pay as you go. But if you don't fancy stumping up the cash all at once, there are several pay-monthly options.

Pay £69 for the phone and £34 a month for 24 months and you get 500 minutes, 500 texts and all you can eat data; £36 per month gets you on the One Plan, which comes with 2000 minutes and the same text and data deal. 

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Three also says that the first 1000 customers to pre-order a phone in a retail store will also get a set of Sony MDR-1R headphones for free.

EE is opting for a similar approach to every other phone network, the difference is that you get 4G connectivity on the Xperia Z with them. 24 month contracts costing £41 and up all come with the phone for free and unlimited texts and calls, it just depends how much data you want. £41 worth will get you 1GB.

Orange is operating the same deal system as EE, as you would expect. So £41 and up gets you the phone for free. The difference here is that £41 also gets you 3GB of data to us.

We also noticed on the Phones 4U website, that there is the Xperia Z for free on a £36 contract. It gets you 900 mins, unlimited texts, 1GB of data and an Xperia Z.

T-Mobile's best Xperia Z deal is at £41 per month for 24 months. The handset might cost you £49 but for that, you also net unlimited data. 

The Xperia Z is free on Vodafone on price plans at £42 and above. With this you get unlimited calls and texts as well as 2GB of internet to play with. 

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Alternatively, if you go for £37 per month, the phone is £49 with 1GB of data and unlimited calls and unlimited texts.

If you prefer to bypass the networks, then Sony has the phone for pre-order on its own website. Again the MDR-1R deals apply, so get in there early. 

O2 has quite a sweet deal going on with the Xperia Z right now. Pay up £37 per month, for 24 months and you can have the phone for £49 with 1GB of data to play with and unlimited calls and texts. You also net a one month early upgrade.

Alternatively, if you shell out £47 per month you can have the phone for free, with 4GB of data and unlimited calls and texts.

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