It’s one of those subjects that is probably best avoided, particularly over a few drinks.

Quentin Tarantino, the films thereof.

It happened by accident when somebody said they were going to see Django Unchained and it was like a spark to a tinderbox.

The true enfant terrible of modern cinema has never shied away from controversy, but this latest offering has really got some people hot under the collar.

But what lies beyond the headlines and the hype? Who's going to strip away the hyperbole and actually tell you what the film is all about? There are countless places you can try online, but a new favourite of ours is

It’s a simple, elegant site that lets the words do the talking, and how rare is that these days when it comes to talking about modern cinema?

They tackle all the big releases, and some of the smaller films that other sites gloss over, so you can really make considered choices before you head to your local picture house this weekend.

The reviews are well researched and well written and it seems we’re not the only fans either. Its piece about Tarantino was recently picked up the Huffington Post, no less. So this is one to watch.

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